Scholarly Articles

Church and Science

The Popes and Science

Catholic Churchmen in Science

The Thirteenth: Greatest of all Centuries

Catholic Church and the Development of Science Videos

Christianity and Education

Phillip Barnes : list of scholarly article on Religious Education.pdf

Phillip Barnes : Developing a new post-liberal paradigm in Religious Education

Phillip Barnes : Agreed way Forward in Religious Education

Phillip Barnes – The misrepresentation of religion in modern British religious education

Pat Loria : Information Poverty in Australian Schools.pdf

Diane Ravitch : Education after the Culture Wars

Palestinian Post archives from the 1930’s regarding the Pope and the Nazis

Vatican Concordat with Germany

Pope Signs Pact with Germany

Papal Challenge to Nazism

Pope Decries German Paganism

Nazi War on Christianity

The Pope, Italy and the Nazis

New York Times archives from the 1930’s regarding the Pope and the Nazis

Nazi Persecution of Churches

Nazi Replacement of Christmas

Nazi Rejection of Christianity

Nazi Rejection of Christianity

Catholic Priest Deported for Defending Christianity

Nazi Support for Paganism

The Reich and Paganism

Reich pushes aside Churches

Hitler’s Pagan Guards

Nazi Pagan Festival

Pope Denounces Bolshevism and Nazism

Pope Warns of anti-God Government

Nazis Restrict Churches to Private Sphere

Nazi Paper Relishes War With Catholic Church

Nazis Ban Churches Raising Money Independent of Government

Pope Denounces Communist, Neo Pagan and Atheist Government Ideologies

Nazis De-Christianising Germany

Pope Criticises Nazi Government

Pope Criticises Nazi Persecution of Christians

Documents from the Nuremberg Trials Detailing the Nazi Persecution of Christians

The_Nazi_Master_plan PDF Document : The Persecution of the Christian Churches

The Nazi Master Plan : The Persecution of the Christian Churches – source :

Jewish Researcher Gary Krupp collects original documents showing the Papal resistance to Nazis

Pave the Way Organisation – Gary Krupp

Pope Pius XII Videos

Science and the Christian concept of Created Reality

Is The Moon There When Nobody Looks?

Bells Theorem for a Non Local Reality

On The Physical Reality of Quantum Waves

The death of Schrödinger’s cat and of consciousness based quantum wave-function collapse

Atheism Up Close

The Irrational Atheist


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