Does modern politics need religion?

Secular political parties have shown in the West that they are incapable of mobilising any community culture except in the case of perceived injustice or perceived threat. A society needs a mobilised community that are inspired to do good things in society such as building schools, universities, aged care centres, hosptitals etc. Much of Western education with an emphasis on denigrating religion (Christianity) has not served society or politics well. A social democracy needs strong Churches in order to function. The experiments of the non religious regimes of last century have proved that beyond doubt. The likewise secular academic attacks in the West have not in general been a good (or truthful) pursuit.



  • Arkenaten  On June 23, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Really? LOL This smacks of polemic. Investigate a few of the Scandinavian countries and you will find they have some of the most stable societies in the world and, incidentally, the least religious. (the recent ‘religiously’ motivated shooting in Norway notwithstanding of course)

  • whatswrongwithatheism  On July 13, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    Number of atheists in Sweden 23%, Denmark 19% and Norway 17% from the 2005 Eurobarometer Poll.

    These atheists in Scandanavia are not trying to push out Christianity for a secular utopia. They are, as Brevik said and claimed to be himself in his manifesto, “cultural Christians”, without attachment to God or the Church. They enjoy the Western Christian culture of science, reason, medicine and social services which was developed over centuries although about 1 in 5 now do not believe in God or spirit. If the numbers of atheists increase to the state where they push a change in political power then i would expect the country to regress as was the case in Eastern Europe and Nazi Germany where Christianity was attacked by the state.

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