We’ve tried non religion already

The modern non religious mindset comes straight out of the secular paradises of last century of the USSR and China.

This was their contribution to the cold war. Now both of those countries whose ideology you have fallen for are today looking to include religion in their education, culture and social services and pay for it out of the public purse.

    • How crazy is this? Spending public money on something that a great deal of the public are interested in and which produces great results for society. Who would have thought that this is what government is supposed to do? Obviously that is not one of the main concerns of the secular mindset. Perhaps that explains a great deal why they all fell over last century.

      In their countries the secularist mindset was used for 3 or 4 generations. It was a big mistake and now secularists are left following it when the original promters have moved on. The Communist Party in China now donates land to the Catholic Church and spends public money to build Catholic Seminaries and creates thousands of Catholic priests to go out all over Commuist China and better Chinese society.




      I can’t believe there is anybody left in the West to continue on with the forced removal of religion from society of last century while the practisers of this ideology, found this idea so disastrous for their societies that they drastically changed direction and have gone in the other direction.

      We can’t be so stupid to repeat their mistakes and they were huge mistakes.


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