Christianity as a Fairy Tale.

Before we can fully understand complex topics there is usually an introductory level followed by intermediate steps. This is why we have many years of schooling and we don’t teach 5th graders material that is kept for university. Also the way we teach youngsters is different from more accomplished adults.

For example, we tell kindergarten students that the number after 1 is 2, we don’t mention 3/2 or 1.5, in fact we don’t mention fractions or decimals at all because that will just be confusing to them. It is better for them to grasp one concept at a time.

Likewise we don’t mention negative numbers and every word as a plural has an ‘s’ after it, and we don’t bother with using speech marks when writing.

In 6th grade we start learning about the atom and we speak about electrons, protons and neutrons and display atomic models which show little physical balls of atomic nuclei with orbiting electrons. We do this so that students can gain a concept of the interactions that can happen within atoms. Of course if the student excels in physics and makes particle physics his career he learns very quickly that the model he was given as a child was only an aide and that atoms do not resemble these simplistic models.

Yet when it comes to the big subject of Christianity no such leeway is granted. Some atheists view the introductory level of Christianity as if it was the end story. Many atheists themselves do not progress from this introductory level. They view Christianity as simple, childlike and incorrect. They tend to have trouble understanding why anyone can see Christianity as sensible. Our western education systems have helped with this perception. When we decided not to teach Christianity thoroughly to students, all they knew was an elementary introduction to Christianity and many of them in the last fifty years have grown up as if that elementary level of Christianity is actually the finished product.

Frustratingly, when many people ‘discover’ basic science, they are ripe for believing the line that Christianity is based on irrational faith and is opposed to science and somehow such superstition belongs in the past.

The English monk Francis Bacon was the one who first formulated the scientific method in A.D. 1620 in his book Novum Organum (Latin – New method).

He wrote “a little scientific thinking takes you away from Christianity but more thinking brings you back”.

Three centuries later, Werner Heisenberg observed people with a little understanding of science were making the same mistake. Heisenberg was the Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1923 and one of the main founders of quantum physics which is our modern scientific explanation for reality.

He wrote “the first gulps from the glass of natural sciences will make you an atheist, but God is waiting for you at the bottom of the glass”.

Unfortunately many atheists embrace the prefabricated mindset that Christianity is a fairy tale without progressing from the introductory level. Many atheists never get to the bottom of the glass, they are stuck with an introductory view of religion and a manufactured culture that deceitfully portrays Christianity as primitive.



  • Arkenaten  On June 23, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    Christianity is NOT a fairy tale – it is very real.
    It’s basis, however, is largely myth and falsehood, inculcating children to the detriment of freethinking. Sad.
    The, ‘believe in Jesus or go to hell’ scenario is a perfect example of how corrupt Christian doctrine is.

  • whatswrongwithatheism  On July 13, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    Again your assertions are not correct and neither is your example of Christian theology. See James 2:14-19 and the official Catholic Catechism 1260.

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