The Shortfalls of Materialism

There are a few obvious and admitted shortfalls of materialism.

The first is that the very existence of matter is a given and not explained. An answer for this admitted shortfall is that all other philosophies have the same problem.

The next shortfall is all of the claimed experiences outside of materialism which suggest an intelligence beyond normal observed physical law. The answer to these claimed observations are to categorise them as either fraudulent, mistaken, co-incidental, incorrect explanations, delusions or misunderstandings.

Another shortfall is that the existence of mathematical natural law is not explained but treated as a given. The best answer to this shortfall is that natural law can be thought of as matter interacting in a natural and necessary way which then drives our mathematical concepts in trying to describe reality.

The next shortfall is the incredibly versatile ways in which matter can be combined to create more complex forms, including of course life. In order to create and sustain these forms there needs to be both a measure of stability and decomposition so that matter can combine to create such an amazing stable reality and yet is not so stable that further complexity is prevented.

The answer to this shortfall was originally the explanation that this is simply the way it is. It might be lucky for us, but it is not design. With the further study of reality the luck extends to the chemical combination and re-arrangement of elements, the expansion rate of the universe which allow complexity to arise, the interplay between gravitational and nuclear force and the physical conditions which allow the unlikely abundance of helium, carbon and water from base elements among many other scientific observations.

As these scientific observations have mounted and the luck needed has been calculated to be incredibly high, in fact to many, unreasonably so, the new answer to this shortfall of materialism has been to postulate the idea of multiverses where there are many (perhaps an infinite number of) universes that exist with combinations of different natural laws and we happen to be in the one that allows the incredible interplay of matter and laws giving rise to our existence.

The next shortfall to be discussed is the one which first shook my belief in materialism and that is the overwhelming scientific evidence of the observer affect . The observer effect is a well accepted scientific principle that shows matter will act in different ways depending on the previous knowledge of an observer (or more properly a participant).

This affect has been demonstrated over and over again for the best part of a century and attracted the best minds of physics and always confirmed in many intelligently designed experiments. The answer to this serious shortfall has been either to admit there is no answer as yet or to postulate the theory of Multiple Universes which claims our universe continually splits into two for every atomic reaction and we just happen to be in the universe that looks like it is determined by knowledge of a sentient observer.


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