Atheism and Delusion – Think about it.

I understand an atheists reluctance to ‘not base his whole life on something he sees no evidence for’. Nobody wants to ‘waste his life’ on delusions. You have to do what your mind thinks is sensible. I understand that because I have gone down the same path. There is a strong basic instinct to not have your mind brainwashed by unreal beliefs. I ask you to consider that maybe the atheist hypothesis  might also be a type of brainwashing which does not banish delusion but accepts it, even demands and defends it. If you are possibly an atheist raging against delusion, please continue reading.

Consider this : the atheistic materialist says that essentially all of reality is physical matter (including energy) and scientific laws. There is nothing else. Any belief in an intelligent Being not made from these sources is delusional thinking and should be banished. He rejects delusional thinking, or so he says.

This also means that all human experience is simply the manifestation of matter obeying scientific laws. At the smallest level of all human experience, electrons and protons are obeying the laws of physics as they have no choice but to do. All of our thoughts, actions and emotions are dictated by matter following predetermined scientific law. There is nothing else. Since the Big Bang all of matter continually reacts in a causal way for which there is no choice.

So then, do we have personal choice or independent thought? If everything we are, is determined by scientific law at the smallest level and there is no choice there, then there can be no room for us to independently choose anything.

We certainly live the vast bulk of our lives under the belief that we have independent thought and choice. We believe that the people we meet have independent thought and choice. If we are all wrong in this belief, then this is a huge delusion that we all share to an incredibly large degree.  So if the atheists are correct everyone, including the atheists, suffer under the mass delusion that we have individual choice and independent thought. Are you comfortable living this life of delusion?  Why are you comfortable with this?

Since the atheist usually believes he has come to the ‘truth’ of atheism through independent thought and choice doesn’t this create a problem for the atheist who believes there is no independent personal thought and choice? Isn’t the  atheist’s belief that he came to atheism through independent thought and choice actually defined as delusional thinking under atheistic philosophy?

An atheist can choose to ignore this logic. The logic of his own philosophy, but then doesn’t he then build yet another layer of delusion for himself?


Maybe accepting atheist philosophy is not a good idea if you want to rage against delusional thinking?  Let’s think some more.


Because independent choice is banished under atheist philosophy, I cannot really independently choose to love and be respectful to my brother. In fact what is love and respect? Don’t these things also become part of our delusional thinking? Love and respect are not matter nor scientific law. Any thinking that we choose things like love, respect, honesty and justice; or that they exist in their own right must also be part of delusional thinking under the atheist philosophy. I can give a hungry person something to eat. That is an action but atheistic philosophy says i do not independently choose to do this. It is the simple outworkings of atoms in my brain following scientific law. If love is not chosen, is it really love as we understand it? How can love be the predefined outworkings of scientific matter in which there is no independent choice?

Doesn’t the difference between charitable love and mass murder then simply become the difference in the arrangement of atoms in someone’s brain for which there is no choice? Under atheistic philosophy not only does independent thought and choice become a delusion but so does our understanding of the difference between good and evil. This in itself is a horrific outworking of the atheist philosophy which perhaps may have left hundreds of millions dead in the last 100 years.

Under this philosophy we also don’t really have the choice to consider how to live our own lives, or in fact to consider anything, be it the workings of the universe or what type of car to buy. We are simply tricked or deluded that we are doing the thinking and considering when really (at the micro level) it is only electrons and protons interacting in a way that we have no control over.

As soon as the atheist postulates thought or feeling is created by something other than atoms reacting in predefined compulsory ways then the atheist will have to dump materialism and enter into the philosophy of the immaterial.

According to atheism we are all going around completed deluded into thinking we actually have a choice in our thinking, reasoning and feeling. Every second of the day atheism argues that we live a huge delusion if we think we have choice, which we all do.

Such a philosophy is destructive of rational thought and civilised society. It is completely non intellectual. In fact it argues that intelligence and love don’t even exist. Remember everything is at the micro level.

Compared to these delusions, the idea that some sort of intelligent loving Being created our universe is ‘small potatoes’. The atheist then becomes a parody of his own philosophy. He creates a world where he believes that the universal idea of independent choice is a delusion but yet then he bases his identity on his own “independent choice” to rail against the ‘delusion’ of a loving Creator.

He even believes he is being intelligent and independent of thought in choosing the atheistic philosophy. He actually believes he is escaping delusional thought instead of realising that he is embracing it.

Ironically the so-called ‘delusion’ of God he ‘independently chooses” to rail against happens to be the only idea that actually saves people from the atheistic philosophy that dictates everyone is deluded by believing they have any independent thought and choice.

Of course the atheist can just refuse to acknowledge where his philosophy logically takes him but isn’t this just another layer of delusion that the atheist builds for himself?


Do you want to flee from a belief in God because you fear delusional thinking? Think again. Atheism offers a delusional straight-jacket from which you cannot escape.


Let us continue for a moment to accept the atheist materialist philosophy –  matter was mysteriously created from somewhere that is not material, (OK), it reacts in certain ways, (OK) – matter got lucky and arranged itself in a self replicating way through genes which needs and searches for self sustaining nutrients (OK) – this arrangement was paradoxically incredibly flexible enough to adapt to local circumstances (through a reproduction lottery) and yet so robust to survive for billions of years against incredible challenges, and so incredibly complex to accomplish untold number of daily survival, growth  and reproductive tasks, (OK).

Towards the end of that process arises us, human beings. OK, but why do we believe we have a choice in anything at all. Indeed, why do I have even a conscious reality ? Why do i think in terms of good and bad, in terms of charity and justice?

Why do i think i have the choice to bend down and tie my shoelaces?  Sure, i am reacting to the fact that they are undone and i have the conscious awareness that leaving them undone could be dangerous and embarrassing, but don’t i have the choice whether or not to change the situation? Isn’t there actually a ‘me’ which gets to decide independent of electrons and protons following necessary scientific law?

I think i have the choice. I believe i have the choice, so does everyone else i meet. Why do we all think we have independent control over what we decide to do ? Why do we all share this common delusion? Why do we all think in terms of good and bad, of being able to choose charity and justice or simply that we each have the independent choice to decide to tie our own shoe-lace?

Maybe this is just a product of evolution, (OK). But it is not needed unless you argue for some reason that this incorrect thinking, this mass delusion of independent choice gives an evolutionary advantage.

In fact, accepting the atheist philosophy leads to the idea that not only is everyone deluded, including atheists, but that delusion is necessary somehow to give an evolutionary advantage.

So the atheist rage against delusional thought ends in the atheist accepting everyone is deluded, that delusion is necessary for a survival advantage and then it rails against the one philosophy that would banish the idea that everyone is deluded.

Cannot atheism properly be called the philosophy of delusion?


I repeat, if you are wanting to flee from delusion, atheism is the last place to head for.


Thinking about our own thinking is a higher order level of thinking which separates us from the animals. Thinking about our own thinking is a basis of philosophy, scientific thought and progress. Yet because atheistic philosophy says we cannot think independently and that the belief we do is a delusion, then the project of thinking deeply about our own thinking must be an even a greater delusion.  A double layer of delusion if you will.

In this way it is easy to see that atheist philosophy can lead to the destruction of intellectual thought and progress. Perhaps there is a reason why no civilisation thrives nor survives for long with an atheistic philosophy.


For the sake of hope, sanity and independence of thought, there is little ‘choice’ but to reject the atheistic philosophy and its straight-jacket of delusion.

The God Within



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