Who needs religion, we have science.

The problem you have about rejecting religion and using science is that the first Big Bang theory was from a priest (LeMaitre), genetics was founded by a monk (Mendel), the first mathematical model of heliocentrism by another monk (Copernicus), the first mathematical model of an atom by a priest (Boscovich), paleontology and geography by a Bishop (Steno), the formulation of the scientific method by a monk (Bacon), the founding of mathematical physics by a Theologian (Newton). Of course you have the historical and pioneering building, funding, staffing, curriculum planning etc of our universities by the Church. If you view religion, and Christianity in particular as a primitive substitute for science then you are also throwing away the source of where our scientific knowledge came from. I personally would urge you to reassess your secular education and check that you weren’t told porkies about religion to make you believe what you do.

The universities have tried to pull down Christianity in many ways be they the Spanish Inquisition Myth dealt with earlier or the Hitler’s Pope Myth or the Flat Earth Myth or the Dark Ages Myth that was alluded to above or a dozen other Myths besides.


In an age of internet research these universities are now backtracking on these claims but unfortunately many peoples minds were turned against Christianity because of this secular Marxist campaign of last century and the twisted education given to many Western people.

Two free online books that deal with many Catholic clergyman i have not yet mentioned who helped to create the reason, logic, knowledge and scientific way of thinking we have inherited from them today are as follows :


and the same books again if the above doesn’t work …….




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