Materialism and the Rejection of Recorded Cultural Experience.

If materialism is true then all of the recorded cultural experiences which involve happenings outside of materialism have to be rejected. Concepts and societal structures emanating from the accepted truth of these happenings also become suspect.

Such a view promotes the undermining of a Western culture that has been dominated by a Christian ethos and worldview. This involves the undermining of not only past (supernatural) happenings but the social order, laws, customs, social morals and interactions that have grown from those reported happenings and concepts.

It also sees any traditional organization which supports the reality of these happenings or related cultural values as promoting falsehood and ignorance, usually for their own benefit. Such a view creates conflict in society.

The materialist alternate culture claims reason, science and rationality as its bedrock and by necessity it tries to describe Western traditional culture as the antithesis of these qualities. Because the intellectual concentration of materialism embedded itself in our universities, they used their position to influence the views of the graduates to create this ‘science verse religion’ paradigm where one was reason and rationality (materialism) and the other superstition and ignorance (Christianity).

Even if materialism were true, this attack on Western culture without any clear and socially binding alternative culture that Christianity underpinned would be extremely dangerous as has been shown in the socialist regimes of the 20th century.

It can perhaps also be detected in the present cultural stagnation and culture wars of those Western countries which having avoided the implementation of imposed materialist philosophy politically, nevertheless have it dominating in academia and supported by legacy media communications.

Building a society on Materialist philosophy can promote a closed and mean spirited attitude and a rejection of social authority and structures. Any claim that is contrary to materialism has to be strenuously denied outright and categorized in some natural way such as fraud, co-incidence, ignorance or misunderstandings.

To admit any occurrence would be to destroy the attempted alternative culture of materialism and admit the brutal attack on Western culture was not only misguided in its beliefs about rationality and reason but aggressively destructive for society. After such a brutal cultural war in the name of reason and intellectual enlightenment there is a lot of pressure on academia to not admit that perhaps they were wrong or even are now not so as sure as they once were.

One such cultural example against materialism is the claims of Fatima in Portugal in 1917 when three very young shepherd children claimed to see and speak with the Virgin Mary. They claimed months ahead of time that she advised on October 13th 1917 there would be a miracle for all to see. Portugal was one of those early countries that accepted the materialist atheist philosophy. Lisbon, the Portuguese capital was named atheist capital of the world. Restrictions were put on Christian practice and priests were jailed.

The atheists held power in the national government and appointed atheist local administrators making the now familiar jibes at Christianity as a pre scientific ignorant belief system that needed to be dismantled by an educated enlightened ruling class. The government and national newspapers ridiculed the claims of the children of Fatima and the government even jailed them after people started to travel to Fatima to see for themselves.

On the 13th of October the government representatives were there as were government soldiers, the press, university professors and many other enlightened individuals to mock the 100,000 crowd. What happened is a matter for recorded history and there are still no satisfactory materialistic explanations. The best that can be said is that the happenings were a (yet to be explained) natural phenomena and the children just got extremely lucky in choosing the day, time and place it would occur.

The children also got lucky in claiming the message of the Virgin Mary was that Russia (then a poor agrarian Christian backwater) would spread many errors throughout the world which would take people away from God and cause the annihilation of nations. Now it may be that there is a sensible materialistic explanation for this but there is also a strong cultural need by Materialists to dismiss and ignore these cases when they arise and not deal with them fairly. Any admittance of the possibility of a reality beyond materialism strikes at the heart of the validity of the social conflict pursued in the name of reason and enlightenment. Such a view has perpetuated a continual Western cultural war within society using the weapons of misinformation and derision and continues to be negative for Western society socially, culturally and intellectually.



  • newgenj  On August 8, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    Paragraphs please.

    I am enjoying reading your articles here, but it sure would help if they weren’t all just long blocks of unseparated text.

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