Deism or Theism

If you are thinking that Deism is semi sensible then doesn’t that mean you are open to our physical world as only a second order of reality – a creation?

Then wouldn’t God acting in the world come down to how he created this second order of reality (with respect to himself) and what his purposes are – the how and the why?

For such answers i believe we have to look at both the disciplines of quantum physics and Theology together.

That is, the study of physics at the smallest level and the long history of interpretation of God given the state of the world and the environment we find ourselves in.

I think both areas can be quite speculative, although i favour a Theist answer.

The study of quantum physics is the elephant in the room which suggests that the physical world is not a first order of reality but a second order.

If this is correct then in practice we would be barred from proving (in a physical sense) many good questions such as “how does God act?”

After much study i believe the quantum concepts of complimentarity, randomness (relative to us), non locality and the observer affect help to confirm that a veil exists between the first and second orders of reality. Quite literally, the physical is on one side and the non physical is on the other.

Especially,  the scientific law of the  ‘observer affect’ helps us make a reasonable conclusion that the first order of reality that creates our second order of reality (the physical world) has a component of intelligence and consciousness to it.

Eugene Wigner the Nobel prize winner for Physics in 1963 said –  “It was not possible to formulate the laws (of quantum theory) in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.”

So through physics, as i see it, the furthest we can reach (our base of physics) is a point which strongly suggests consciousness is present giving rise to scientific law which matter/energy (second order substances) obey.

I can’t see that scientifically we can get much further than that, but of course we should keep trying.

I think when we look at modern physics to tell us about our reality then we have a platform for a Theistic God and an overkill in design for only a deistic God.All interactions in our universe are non local interactions with a non material, non detectable and non local platform although it has been made to look to us on the surface to be completely deterministic and causal.’s_theorem…lsTheorem.html

Next, this interaction with a non local, non material platform works at least in part on the basis of conscious interaction.…ver_effect.htm
http://theobservereffect.wordpress.c…ul-experiment/…eature=related (after 3 mins)

and Eugene Wigner, a Physics Nobel Proze winner in 1963 for his work in elementary particles has said quite bluntly :

“It was not possible to formulate the laws (of quantum theory) in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.”

To quote another Physics nobel prize winner – Wernen Heisenburg – “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom
of the glass God is waiting for you.”

That was my experience, it looks like our physical world is a second order of reality with a platform for interaction with a first order of reality based on consciousness built into
our system. It was this realisation that stopped me being an atheist. Intellectually i could never be one again unless quantum mechanics can be explained ‘sole materialis’ which i don’t think it can although i tried very hard to see it that way.

Here is an interesting video that i stumbled across which shows the effect of non local actions on entangled particles.…eature=related

This non locality can be solved by postulating the existence of dimensions beyond the three dimensions that we are familiar with. All actions in this physical
universe happen through a non local process. The question is where do they happen and how? The following video shows conceptually how another dimenion
would be invisible to us but able to connect all facets of our 3 dimensional space and time.…eature=related

If there is a God, and i think there is, i would suggest a Theistic one is more sensible than a Deistic one given what we know about physics at the smallest


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