Western Science – Christian or Atheist?

Suppose Buddhists, Muslims or Hindus had developed the ideas of empiricism; scientific theory; the description of universal mathematical laws of nature; built, funded and promoted the widespread use of schools and universities; facilitated scientific debate; valued, preserved and shared accumulated scientific writings; and gone on to found most of the scientific fields we have today and make breakthrough theories and proofs in everything from the Big Bang to natural selection, from paleontology to microbiology, from genetics to a heliocentric solar system.

Wouldn’t it be very silly arguing that they did not create modern science? I would feel extremely embarrassed trying to argue that these people were actually somehow anti-scientific. Certainly if atheists had done these things we would never have stopped hearing about it.

The simple fact is that Christians did these things. These things came out of Christian thought.

To argue there is some sort of Christian hysteria towards science is a really bad argument. It is this bad argument which encourages a perception that the idea of God is a delusion and a waste if time whereas materialism (under the cover of science) is really the most sensible thought process.

Here are two free online books for consideration. They bring into focus the modern “secular” forgetfulness we find in our education system:



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