Atheists as Free Thinkers?

An interesting phenomenon I have observed with many atheists is that they each believe they have ‘worked things out by themselves’ in contrast to religious people who are following unreasonable concepts without any evidence whatsoever. This shared story usually begins at the time of adolescence when we struggle to find our own personal identities.

Such exclusive self designations as ‘Free Thinker’, ‘Rational’ and ‘Enlightened’ are often taken up by young people struggling with their own identities. The self-created identity that flows from this time is often a central part of a person’s self perception for decades and sometimes, throughout their entire life.

What strikes me as inconsistent with many atheist ‘free thinkers’ is that many of these people believing in their own ‘enlightened’ personal identity (often in opposition to the surrounding community) claim to have ‘worked things out by themselves’ but at the same time, they repeat dated ideas almost word for word. One might say many of these people seem much more like disgruntled adolescents who accept a ready-made programmed set of beliefs. This has usually included the self belief that they are in fact ‘Free Thinkers’, Rational’ and ‘Enlightened’ for accepting the atheist progrm while being critical of the wider world who are not quite as educated as themselves. Such ideas have often been enculturated in the young through misinformation which arose from the Marxist leanings of our universities but now are mainly promulgated through the media who themselves are largely a product of last centuries academic mistakes.  (see the Materialistic Marxist Mistake of our Universities).

I know in my time as a teacher, it is much more preferable for a young mind to believe they have worked things out for themselves rather than to be given a set of facts. In the long run though, for many, it works out exactly the same except such a belief means the ideas and concepts stick in their minds much more strongly. For example, instead of simply telling students that Western science had its foundation in the Church, it is better to constantly and indirectly expose students to historical information about the building, staffing, funding and formation of universities, the pioneering of scientific experimentation and set case study homework for the founders of paleontology, genetics, astronomy, cosmology, the scientific method, microbiology and mathematical descriptions of the atom.

Students who receive a modern education of historical Western science and discover the underpinning connections with the Church ‘by themselves’ are more likely to take ownership of the belief in the goodness and importance of the church. Of course it works the other way as well with the indirect ‘planting’ of ideas of atheism that students identify with as a part of their own identity which they have rationally chosen.

These students also clearly see that the old Science verse Religion (but really Christianity) paradigm is largely a political creation without any connection to the real world. In the world of today with fast internet research available, the universities have started to backtrack on this previous claim to bolster Marxist ideology. The people left to promulgate the ‘war against religion’ are easily caught out by reason, evidence and more modern education.

This is difficult for many ‘adolescent atheists’ to accept of course, because such processes (they worked out for themselves) were supposed to be supporting their side.



  • Arkenaten  On June 23, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    You set up your argument as if there are only two sides. The (christian) Church/Western science vs’ Atheists.
    Why do you omit other cultures? No mention of the Chinese, for instance?
    What about the ancient Mayans?

  • whatswrongwithatheism  On July 13, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    The self designated label of free thinking for atheists arose in Christendom and was meant to distinguish atheists from the Christians around them especially with regards to logic and Western science.

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