You can’t prove the Immaterial!

Electricity, magnetism, gravity, matter, nuclear forces et cetera are what we call physical manifestations and are measurable. They give us our reality. But they can also be thought of as the projection from a deeper reality. As mentioned elsewhere, the Christian development of science had this idea at its base – Newton, Galileo, Boscovich, Lemaitre etc. It is only in the last couple of centuries or so that the materialist view has come to surmise that electricity, magnetism et cetera are the fundamentals reality.

While Christians see these concepts as emanating from a greater, hidden reality, the materialist has to explain all reality in these (or similar) manifestations. I think quantum physics has ruled the materialist view as untenable.

As mentioned above, the whole of creation can be thought of as a projection, but there is a problem with us being able to understand and explain it. If we are limited to 3 dimensions we cannot fully understand the workings of projection from a fourth dimension. From our limited position of three dimensions (plus time) we cannot in theory overcome the ontological differences to examine and explain interactions with higher dimensions.

If our world consisted only of a projector screen we could only infer the projector from the changes to our world (the screen). In order to explain the interaction effectively we would have to step off the projector screen (our world). Likewise, in order to explain the detections from the immaterial world we would have to be set free from our three dimensional space.


What we have found in quantum physics is that there is a discontinuity of cause and effect at the smallest level. The comparison with the ‘screen example’ would be us looking closely at our projector screen world and seeing the discontinuity of flashing dots of coloured light. We could confirm that disconuitites exist and infer a projecor, but we could never discover the projector because it is ontologically separated from us.
From the “screen world” point of view we can detect the projections and surmise the projector but we cannot fully explain it or control the process. In our 3D world the discontinuity of cause and effect, of matter, of time and space strongly suggest to me that our world is a second order level of reality (like the screen). But like the projector world we can only surmise this by looking at the effects on our world and surmise the interactions that would explain this. If our material world (physical reality) is a second level of reality then by definition the first level of reality is immaterial.

With quantum scientific concepts of complementarity, observer effect and non locality there is a level of reality which is at the base of our reality, but from which we are barred from examining and controlling. This by definition is the immaterial.

If we take the example of ‘quantum tunnelling’ what we call ‘matter’ jumps across space without travelling through the intermediate space. We are left with either assuming our reality includes non causal discontinuity (but then we have to explain why it looks causal to us and why it obeys mathematical law) or surmise that there is still causality, but it is not material (in our world) and therefore matter is a projection from somewhere.

This by definition is the immaterial. We can detect quantum tunnelling, but we can’t explain it. If we want to keep causality then the immaterial must come into play when we study the workings of quantum physics. Hence the plethora of modern scientific guesses of String Theory, parallel Universes, Multiverses et cetera. These too, are immaterial by definition.


They are ontologically separated. Science basically knows now there is this immaterial concept, we just cannot properly explain what it is from our standpoint (hence all the whacky theories) but science strongly suggests the immaterial. That is all science can do because it was designed to explain only our material world.
Similarly we can look to the Big Bang and say matter jumping into our existence is just how our universe works (and give up on causality). Or we can keep faith with causality and surmise that time and space must have come from somewhere. But by definition this somewhere is the immaterial. We can indirectly surmise it. but we can’t explain it because it is ontologically different from our reality.



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