Hi! I am a Catholic school teacher wishing to make the case against atheism and for Christianity. I hold a Science Degree as well as a Master of Teaching. My profession by trade is a computer analyst where i spent well over 15 years working as a consultant for large financial institutions. Today i am a school teacher and a practising Catholic but previously i had drifted into Agnosticism which vacillated between a weak Theism and a weak Atheism.

I’ve dedicated this website to all those who might be contemplating becoming an atheist or deciding to ‘give up on religion’ for a while.

It is my belief that atheism is a mindset that especially young adults can fall into with unforeseen detrimental effects. I think that atheism can often lead to anti-intellectualism; i think it conflicts with what we know about science and when it becomes the dominant mindset has shown itself to be bad for civilisation. I also think that on a personal level it can promote a false view of history, faulty logic and a meanspirited attitude which is bad for the soul.

All of that sounds very nasty so i should balance those views somewhat. It is obvious that people become atheist for many different reasons. My critique will be for those who become atheist for reasons i hope to explain are incorrect such as the materialist philosophy that many attach to science. Some of my points are quite sharp and often apply to a certain type of atheist. Apologies beforehand for generalisations that are made but that is often a shortfall when discussing a big topic involving large numbers of people. There are of course many wonderful, warm hearted people who are atheist and who do a lot of good in society. Many atheists have often become atheists after a lot of reflective thought and study and it is a joy to speak to them about the great questions in life. I hope to express clearly the shortfalls i believe are present in the general atheist worldview. A big topic no doubt. Please forgive me if sometimes the language is quite adroit.

Please use the links to the left of this page to navigate to any issues you might have regarding Atheism or Catholicism and feel free to leave a question, suggestion or comment in the box provided.

Much of the presented material will need further study. Luckily in our time of the internet and mass communication such information is readily available for cross checking purposes. It is my sincerest wish that you study the information presented here for yourself in independent self study. Each of us of course needs to consider these important issues with an open mind and use the intelligence that each of us has in order to come to the most sensible conclusions.

Thanks and good luck on your journey.


  • Arkenaten  On June 23, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    My atheist stance came sharply onto focus whilst researching for a piece of writing on Moses.
    After finding no secular evidence I then began a biblical journey.
    I was never an active Christian, though brought up in a Christian household, I attended church off and on, and accepted most of what I had been brought up to believe and never really questioned the veracity of the Christian faith until I read the bible -twice- and began to study it.
    Eventually there was no other conclusion that could be drawn other than it is false.
    Faith does not need facts, and for nigh on 1800 years serious investigation
    was actively discouraged, thus religion had a stranglehold on thought.
    No atheist will ever convince a ‘believer’ to turn away – from my limited experience this is always a personal decision and happens when devout believers cannot find answers to serious questions.
    Current religions will eventually fall away,as have older religions in the past.
    It is inevitable.
    Truth and honesty will prevail. Religion is a corruption of truth.

  • whatswrongwithatheism  On July 13, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Arkenaten, we agree that truth and honesty will prevail. Unfortunately your beliefs about science expressed above come from the Conflict Theory which was made well over one hundred years ago and survives in the popular culture despite modern academics turning their backs on such unsubstantiated claims. Google “Conflict Theory” and assess for yourself where it stands in modern scholarship. The authors of the Conflict Theory created the first western secular university in the very late nineteenth century. The scores of universities before that time were staffed, funded and built by the Christian Church and they studied everything from medicine, biology, astronomy, logic, pure mathematics, the arts to chemistry and more. This is why so many of the founders of the fields of science were Christian clergy and Theology is known as the Queen of the sciences. The Christian civilisation created our modern university system and the rationality and inquiry that goes with it. In fact the long black gowns that graduates wear to their ceremonies are priests dress from the middle ages. Of all the institutions you could pick in claiming a suppression of inquiry the Christian Church is the most nonsensical. It comes from the Conflict Theory and such views are completely out of date. Please research this for yourself. It is easy to verify.

    I’m not sure why you pick 1800 years and what period you mean to refer to but if it supposed to co-inside with the rise of Christianity your claims make no historical sense and can be easily refuted. For the tip of the ice-berg in this refutation please read the papers included in the Scholarly Articles link above referring to science and the Church. If you are honest in your search, you will find your current beliefs have been the result of being mis-led. Best wishes.

  • Obrigado Deus  On March 31, 2016 at 11:15 pm

    I stumbled on your website, and have found it quite interesting, and completely worthy of any amount of time that would henceforth, be devoted in the surfing of its content.

    I must deeply acknowledge your courage in taking up these very sensitive issues and addressing them with such a rare boldness, especially in this period of history of civilisation wherein our world experiences a stunning growth in atheistic persuasion.

    There is no doubt that a greater effort is needed to derobe atheism of such vests of ideologies founded on alarming assumptions on the operational dynamics of Christianity for instance, assumptions which fuel their erroneous convictions, and form their minds into closed boxes resistant to any possible penetration of truth.

    Continue the good work.

    • whatswrongwithatheism  On April 19, 2016 at 3:55 am

      Thanks Obrigado Deus. I’m glad you find it worthy. You have prompted me to start updating the pages again. Regards.

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