Doesn’t Science rule out the Immaterial?

If we were inside a created computer world then the keyboard would be immaterial to us.

The striking of keys would cause changes in our world through mechanincs, electricity and then projection.

But the mechanics, electricity and projection, while creating our world, is ontologically different to us and so we could not see or examine it directly.

Both the keyboard and the projection process could only be surmised by the effects we would see inside our closed world (closed relative to us not to the greater reality).

So it is not directly detectable, but it is not ineffectual either.

Science was developed in the Christian West to examine the material world. We can only see the effects of the immaterial, we cannot directly control or examine it through a system that was designed to examine the material.



  • Ryno  On April 20, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    I have to say, I find this entire site fascinating! Many of the articles I have read fall in line with what I have been thinking all along.
    Thank you for putting this together! I will reference it often.

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