Materialism and Multiple Universes in the face of the Quantum Factor.

Multiverses may help to give an intelligible answer to why our Universe is a coherent system allowing an extremely high level of transient complexity but it doesn’t explain the materialistic intellectual shortfall of why matter seems to behave differently depending on the knowledge of an intelligent observer or participant.

To state this clear scientific principle, matter behaves as both particles and waves. This is known as wave-particle duality. Matter will always behave in the form of a wave (called the quantum wave) unless it is observed directly by (or can be derived by) an intelligent observer. Eugene Wigner a quantum physicist and a Nobel prize winner in Physics has admitted that ‘I could not derive the laws of quantum physics without reference to consciousness’.

Now this scientific rule, demonstrated again and again by scientific experiment completely disproves the philosophy of materialism to many, including myself.

Materialism believes that intelligence is an accidental by-product of random events following natural law. It believes intelligence is itself subject to natural law and not a driver to it. So why does matter behave differently in different circumstances dependent on the intelligence one knows about the matter?

One answer Materialism has for the Observer Effect is to claim that at each atomic event, the universe splits in at least two parts. In this way it is an illusion that intelligent observation appears as an essential ingredient in the laws of physics.  It only appears to us that the universe behaves subject to our knowledge. There are other versions of our universe that were just created, where the universe behaves differently.

When you consider all of the other universes where this supposedly does not occur then there is no place in the total balance of all Universes for the idea that intelligence plays any role. This explanation has always looked desperate to me. Can Christians claim that in every universe God created he has written across the sky in bold red letters “Yahweh Lives’ except of course our universe. Such a claim would rightly be laughed at as ridiculous.

Even if we again allow this explanation the materialist has admitted realms beyond our existence containing life that cannot be detected even in principle. It again has the difficulty, in fact the impossibility, of explaining what transcendent process creates different universes. It again has matter as we know it – protons, electrons and neutrons as only a secondary projection that arises from a more fundamental reality we cannot detect or engage with.

I think if you are an ignorant atheist and do not properly engage with the scientific questions and evidence it can look like Materialism is a credible answer. Like the Nobel prize winner for physics and a pioneer of quantum physics has said – ‘The first gulps of natural science will make you an atheist, but God is waiting for you at the bottom of the glass. Werner Heisenberg.

Or again with the Anglican Francis Bacon who is credited with defining the Scientific method – “A little bit of thinking will take you away from God, but more of it will bring you back”. I agree with both of these famous men in the development of science. Materialism is not a more intelligent and scientifically coherent explanation for our reality as Theism. Unfortunately man people accept Materialism as more intelligent than Christianity for the reason that they have already accepted the myths of materialism which have purposely and incorrectly categorized Christianity as not only unscientific but contrary to science and reason.


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