Comparative God Religions verse the Secular non-God Religion

Our education system has quietly looked to remove Christianity and Christian principles from the curriculum. In its place it has taught a secular universalism created by 1960’s academics and their heirs.

This humanistic manufactured morality is called political correctness and is still constantly being defined and then redefined. Political correctness is simply an attempt to create a morality system without God.

The set of commonly understood ethics given to students is captive to a secular academic class who believe there is no God. This means they believe that any set of ethics that people have had in the past was a creation of cultural traditions that have been created over the centuries. When ethics is viewed solely in this way then the academic, feeling that they are at the pinnacle of human thought and evolution, believes it is his (or more commonly her) right to create this new secular set of ethics that we all must all follow. Any claim to truth that these religions make is portrayed as cultural insensitivity to other traditions and against the cardinal secular virtue of equality.

Christians who actually think Christianity is true and try to live it as a cultural tradition are thus labelled as intolerant, lacking respect and backward. Only those who reject all religion are deemed to somehow fulfil the role of being tolerant, respectful and forward thinking.

This humanistic religion belittles the idea of God, largely fabricates the ‘war of religion’ mythology and dictates that any attempt at  suggesting Christianity is true is intolerant to other traditions.

Christianity, the philosophy that underpinned the rise of the western world cannot now have a special place as a shared civic philosophy because those who oppose God do not like it. Instead, under the haphazard modern philosophy of equality, any shared civil ethics we are allowed have, has to be godless. This is true whether it be governmental, judicial, educational or the ethics taught at  corporations. I think it may well be the case that western law and society runs into trouble when the godless form of ethics fails and people realise the injustice and incoherence of the state underpinning a godless philosophy and ethics in the name of equality and neutrality.

This has been a slow process and is supported not just in academia but heavily in the media that has come to be a substitute culture in its own right. Such a manufactured morality has become so widespread now that the legal system  has started implementing the new religion and the bulk of politicians, wanting long careers and in fear of the media, simply adopt the same religion.

Who can blame them? If the electorate’s idea of morality is what has been commonly taught in school over the last 50 years, why go against the grain and risk a media backlash that can easily plug into the common ethics we have all been exposed to. So academia and media are the unspoken governors of our culture and politics with politician largely subservient. I think we have yet to see the catastrophic problems this is creating in society.

In our democratic society, capturing people’s minds becomes political currency and our education and media sectors have been reduced to political correctness indoctrination institutions.

Christians who actually think Christianity is true and try to live it as a cultural tradition are thus labelled as intolerant, lacking respect and backward. Only those who reject all religion are deemed to somehow fulfil the role of being tolerant, respectful and forward thinking.  These people often talk about the Christian God, the Muslim God, Thor, Zeus etc and put them all in the same bucket with regards to truth but all in separate buckets with regard to explaining reality.The secular religion separates each of the different modes of thinking into what is different, ignoring what is the same. Because they can’t accept all religions and some just don’t make sense, they appeal to the new manufactured morality of equality to claim that the only way to make all religions the same (and therefore peoples) is to reject all of them. In this way they set themselves up as the great pillars of tolerance and equality, a paradigm of level headed neutral thinking, oblivious to the fact that they have just rejected all religion and put themselves against the overwhelming majority of people on the face of the planet.  It is breathtakingly arrogant for a small minority of people to reject what is not just uncommon but also common to all peoples and to claim some sort of neutrality where moralily is defined as rejecting the majority and accepting a minority view ‘that everyone can accept’. There is also a tendency to compare apples and oranges. So Christians see God as the creator of the Universe (Big Bang – Lemaitre) and the Creator of time (Augustine) and the architect of the Laws of physics (Isaac Newton) and the old Greeks see Zeus as himself as a created being who lives in our Universe, has sex with young ladies he fancies, has a palace in the clouds and somehow we are supposed to view these two concepts as the same. Equally the Pagan Irish tree spirit is called another God and that is also supposed to be given an equal billing. These concepts of God, while they all involve the immaterial, are not remotely similar in form, nature or character. To put them all in the same bucket and to present Christianity as no more sensible than any other is a way of dismissing all of them without proper inquiry. That mindset is quite good at bringing itself to believe things which enable it to dismiss religion without proper thought.

One of the most quoted comparative religions which tries to cast Christanity as just another made up fairy tale is that of Osiris. You should be very careful about blindly accepting the hypothesis that Christianity was based on the story of Osiris. When I was not Christian a few years ago I looked into this and found that, yes there were mystery religions around at the time Christianity started, but no, the ideas paralleling Osiris and Jesus could not be traced before the year 200 A.D. I found that the opinion of serious scholars was that the Osiris story was probably copied from the successful ideas of Christianity rather than the other way around. I also found that many of those looking to criticise Christianity simply didn’t bother to dig deep enough to discover this because as soon as they had something that they could use against Christianity, their level of inquiry and critical thinking was switched off.  That was all their minds were looking for.

It’s been a few years ago now since I looked as the Osiris cult and I’m assuming nothing has really changed.
With a quick Google source i came across Twochix (halfway down page) that has done a thesis on the subject and quotes some of the relevant source material.


It’s a bit like the Gnostic ‘Christians’. The Gnostics were around before Christianity and believed that matter was evil. They also attached their beliefs to the rising Christianity in the late first century and in the second centuries and beyond even wrote their ’Gospels’ such as The Gospel of Eve, The Apocalypse of Adam, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene etc.

In the same way it is very likely that the story of Osiris underwent a similar process.

You might think that all myths must be of a similar basis with support to evidence, but this is not rational. Whether Christianity is true or not, in no way is it possible to suggest that the claims of Christians are on a par with the claims of Thor, Hercules and Osiris. At least Christians point to a specific time in history and claim to have eye witnesses and communities that have sprung directly from those eye witnesses with recorded written testimonies and continued Christian claims down the centuries. Don’t you think there is a more than a hint of delusion in saying Christianity has the same evidence as Thor,  Hercules, Osiris or indeed the tooth fairy ? I certainly do.



  • Arkenaten  On June 23, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    “Don’t you think there is a more than a hint of delusion in saying Christianity has the same evidence as Thor, Hercules, Osiris or indeed the tooth fairy ? I certainly do.”

    Quite possibly, but there are striking similarities to Mithraism.

    “Claim to have eyewitness” ….yes…well, easy to claim, is it not? 🙂

  • whatswrongwithatheism  On July 13, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    You have to distinguish between the quality of each claim. Not all claims are equal as any courtroom judge will testify to. Your posted comment does not attempt to distinguish with regards to quality.

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