Palestine Post articles regarding the Nazis

The following links are from the Palestine Post (Now called the Jerusalem Post).

They are links to articles from a Jewish paper around the time of the second World War. I remember at University being told that Hitler was a Catholic and at best the Pope was silent while Hitler exterminated the Jews. At worst the Pope was a silent supporter of the Christian Nazis and agreed with the Holocaust.

These link specifically include reference to Hitler, the Nazis and the Pope and they quite clearly relate the battle between the Nazis and the Church and the Jewish hope that the Catholic Church will be strong enough to stand up to the secular state of Germany and their anti-Jewish policies. They weren’t of course. The state won, and what a terrible victory it was.

Pre Concordat – 1930s

Vatican Concordat with Germany

Pope signs Pact – 1930s

Pope Signs Pact with Germany

Papal challenge to Nazism – 1930s

Papal Challenge to Nazism

Pope Decries German Paganism – 1930s

Pope Decries German Paganism

Nazi war on Christianity – 1930s

Nazi War on Christianity

The Pope Italy and the Nazis – 1930s

The Pope, Italy and the Nazis

Jewish Pave the Way Foundation and the praise to Pope Pious XII for his solidarity with the Jews of Europe.

Pave the Way Organisation – Gary Krupp

Pope Pius XII Videos

Nuremberg legal documents detailing the “Nazi Master Plan : The Persecution of the Christian Churches”

The_Nazi_Master_plan PDF Document : The Persecution of the Christian Churches

The Nazi Master Plan : The Persecution of the Christian Churches – source :

Cornell Law Library

Please wait for the page to load (it may take 20 seconds or so from the Jerusalem Post archives).

Popes criticism of Hitler and Mussolini’s policies.

Nazism at war with Christianity.

Pope Decries German Paganism.

Papal challenge to Nazism.

Vatican Concordat with Germany.

Concordat between Germany and the Holy See.


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