St. Abrahamites Monks

Monks and martyrs of the monastery founded by Abraham in Constantinople, Turkey. During the iconoclastic dispute, these monks refused to demolish the sacred images of their monastery. Emperor Theophilus had them arrested and executed.

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The Abrahamite monks were an order of monks in a monstery founded by Saint Abraham of Ephesus,[1] who were martyred around 835 in Constantinople, during the iconoclast persecutions of Emperor Theophilus. They are regarded as saints by the Roman Catholic Church, with a feast day of July 8.


St. Abraham

The archbishop of Ephesus, Greece, and a learned theologian who authored many treatises that influenced his contemporaries. He erected monasteries in Jerusalem and Constantinople. The monastery in Constantinople was involved in a dispute with the Byzantine Emperor, Theophilus. The monks in the abbey were called Abrahamites, after the founding saint, and they refused to accept the heresy of the Iconoclasts of the time.

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